We’ve compiled some of the most common garage door problems and issues, and how to fix them.


Problem 1: The garage door starts to close, but reverses and opens again.

Likely cause: sensor problems. The automatic garage door opener contains a sensor, which is connected to another with a beam. This is a safety feature meant to prevent damage or harm to objects directly in the path of the garage door. Most likely the sensor has simply become misaligned or is blocked by an object. Check for obstructions and move them out of the way, then adjust the sensors to match. If this doesn’t help, there should be some more serious problem such as a broken cable, bent track or worn extension spring cable, and will require replacement.

Problem 2: The garage door opens and closes by itself.

Likely a circuit or battery problem in the remote. Start with an exchange of the batteries in the remote, and see if that fixes your issues. Change the code or frequency of the remote. If neither helps, you’ll most likely need to call us for electrical repairs.

Problem 3: The door makes a screeching, scraping or grinding noise.

Depending on the noise heard, there are parts which are the likely culprits. A popping or thudding sound is usually caused by worn rollers. Squeaking sounds are caused by unoiled or unlubricated rollers or bearings while scraping sounds are most often caused by a frayed cable which needs to be replaced.

Problem 4: The door opens much slower than usual.

We feel your pain, this is super annoying. A slowly opening door is usually caused by a warped or broken spring. This part will require a replacement. Another issue can be with unlubricated mechanisms such as a roller or bearing. Check individual portions of the system for grinding or screeching while opening.

Problem 5: The door doesn’t respond.

If you have an automatic door, the first thing we would check is the batteries of your remote, and whether the door opens when you try to open it from the inside or keypad. Replace the batteries, as they’re the easiest fix. If this doesn’t help, check the keypad to make sure it’s not damaged, and look at the unit itself for damages, disconnected wires, and other visible issues.

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