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Fix It Right Garage Door has made it easier for those who want to buy the commercial garage door opener. Buying one for the commercial garage door is tricky as it must be high quality and durable. With the new technology there are astounding commercial garage door openers, but without the help of the professionals, you may end up making a mistake. We will help you find what suits your type of business. The many garage door openers in the market come with various features and they all claim to be excellent and it takes experts like us to tell our customer the best one to buy.


Before you settle for a garage door opener, consider power requirement. If you experience power failures in your area most of the time, you may need a backup system. Some brands like LiftMaster have an ever charge battery backup system. It can work for 24 hours and you are guaranteed smooth operation of the garage door opener despite being busy throughout the door.


Warranty is essential when buying a commercial garage door opener. We, at Fix It Right Garage offer warranty on our products and door openers, are not an exception. The warranty is between one and three years for batteries and a lifetime for the motor and the belt.


Commercial garage door openers must be made to withstand tough and regular handling as they are likely to be used many times in a day. We will assist you to get what suits you and install the door professionally to ensure that the opener works smoothly. Call us today for a FREE consultation!

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