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your local today’s age, you probably rely on a remote to open your garage door as opposed to a keypad. However, we often disregard the importance of having a keypad lock on your garage door for safety and efficiency. A code operated keypad lock protects your valuables and prevents unwanted access to your garage. While it’s usually disregarded, this important little piece of your garage door is a huge nuisance when broken. That’s why we’re here. Fix It Right Garage Doors offer garage door repairs of all parts, problems and failures. We replace damaged or malfunctioning parts, repair existing ones and can replace your garage door altogether in a complete installation. Trust Fix It Right to do what our name suggests, and Fix It Right!

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Your garage keypad is equipped with integrated receiver logic boards which communicated with your keyless entry wirelessly. If your keypad isn’t working, in most cases neither will your remote. In order to fix one, you will need to attempt to fix the other.

Possible Issues

Some of the most commonly encountered garage door keypad problems are the following:

Depleted Battery

If your battery is low, nether your keypad nor your remote will work. Before you attempt any other repairs, try to replace your battery in both the keypad and the remote. In one out of every few cases we receive, the problem was as simple as battery replacement!

Programming Issues

 You may need to reset your keypad or change your keyless entry pin. In order to do this, we suggest referring to your manufacturer’s instruction booklets. Clear the memory of your opener and reprogram it, and remember to also sync your remote to the keyless entry.

Button Issues

 If your keypad is otherwise functional but is simply not letting you in, it may be an issue with a button. This repair is slightly trickier, and may require you to call a technician. Before you call however, try to program a different pin using numbers not currently in use to determine if others are functional.

Surface Interference

 Occasionally, and with newly installed garage door keyless openers, the surface the number pad is mounted on may be causing interference. Remove the panel from the surface and test your pin. If it works, you can insert rubber grommets or a piece of wood between the pad and the surface it is mounted on. If it is still not working, it may be an internal wiring issue which requires technician attention.

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We are your local professionals

Fix It Right Garage Doors is your local, trusted garage door repair company. We employ technicians trained and skilled in garage door repairs and installations, and stock a number of new ready to install garage doors such as insulated garage doors, Dodds garage doors and other brands such as LiftMaster, Clopay, Haas Door, Equal, Steel-Craft, Richards-Wilcox and more. If your garage door keypad isn’t functional, and the above repairs have not given you any results you may need to contact a professional. Call Fix It Right for any keypad repairs, opener remote repairs or replacements in the Toronto region. With new technologies, constantly being installed in homes, people can feel lost when it comes to DIY repairs and common issues. Our company understands that your garage door needs to be kept in working order, and offers quick, effective services and diagnostics of any fault or issue. We stock a number of replacement parts and products from different brands and offer complete garage door installations at competitive prices.

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Serving the Greater Toronto Area, our company offers services throughout Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Scarborough, Hamilton, North York and further! We are always a mere phone, ready for your call, so give us a shout no matter where you may be located. Fit It Right is always happy to help, offer you advice and troubleshooting guides even if you’re out of our reach.  Our complete satisfaction guarantee means we provide you with a full warranty on all parts and services, and guaranteed fixes of all your garage door problems and needs. We also offer full installations of new garage door products, at competitive prices. The cost of a new garage door doesn’t have to be over your budget, call us today and find out more.

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