Garage Door Opener Repairs

Recent technological advances have made garage door openers more efficient and useful than ever before. A garage door opener has evolved from merely filling the function of opening and closing, and now offers safety standards for your home. Here at Fix It Right Garage Doors, we understand the importance of smoothly working garage door openers, which is why we aim to help you in any way we can when something goes wrong in your home. Thankfully, our qualified technicians are the best in the business and can fix virtually any problem with your garage door.

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Some of the more relevant problems which you may encounter and need to be repaired are


Spring Repairs

When your garage door spring breaks, the weight of the door pulls on the opener and wears down the mechanisms. In order to prevent any significant wear and tear, your spring will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Fix It Right Garage Doors stocks a number of garage door springs for replacement installation.

Roller Repairs

 When your garage door rollers are worn out and in need of repair, they cause the garage door to rub against the tracks. This friction means the motor needs to run harder and the door requires more force to be pulled open. In addition to an annoying screeching sound, this will eventually wear down the opener mechanism and cause it to degrade.

Sprocket Repairs

Often, the door opener repair can cause the sprocket to break. When the weight of the door is too heavy, it can cause extra strain on the chain, causing the bracket it sits on to wear down the metal and eventually snap. Replacement of a sprocket is easy but requires quite a bit of technical know how to diagnose.

Motor Repairs

When the garage door refuses to open, opens partially or erratically, it may be an issue with the calibration of the door. If your door opens but the motor doesn’t want to stop running, it’s usually a problem with the up-limit switch. Generally, the switch needs to be moved away from the motor unit and will be noticed only when you first install the garage door. If problems persist, or the door doesn’t open at all, your motor may have failed completely. In this eventuality, you should always call us for an accurate assessment of the damages and possible fixes.

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Garage Door Opener service in Toronto

Sometimes it’s actually less costly to simply replace your garage door opener mechanism and parts completely, owing to the fact that when one part needs to be replaced others may have to be replaced as well. Fix It Right Garage Doors Stocks a number of Garage Door parts and accessories for use in replacements, repairs, and installations. We can help diagnose your issue, figure out the correct course, then opt for the most cost-effective choice of restoring your garage door to full operation- whether that means to repair or replacement. We urge that you do not delay any necessary repairs, and contact us immediately. Often the more you delay necessary repairs, the more damage can be caused in the long run.

Serving the Greater Toronto Area

Our company offers services throughout Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Scarborough, Hamilton, North York and further! We are always a mere phone call away, so give us a shout no matter where you are located. Fix It Right is always happy to help, offer you advice and troubleshooting guides even if you’re out of our reach.  Our complete satisfaction guarantee means we provide you with a full warranty on all parts and services and guaranteed fixes of all your garage door problems and needs. We also offer full installations of new garage door products, at competitive prices. Some of the brands we stock are LiftMaster, Clopay, Haas Door, Equal, Steel-Craft, Richards-Wilcox and more. The cost of a new garage door doesn’t have to be over your budget, call us today and find out more.

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