Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs are not a trivial matter, and should be performed by a professional technician. Fix It Right Garage Doors understands the need to have a fully functional, properly installed garage door for your home or business, which is why we offer professional garage door repairs, maintenance and installation services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Avoid potential safety hazards and further damages by calling licensed, certified technicians for effective repairs. For any garage door services in the GTA, call Fix It Right Today. We offer the following:

Garage Door Cables, Rollers, Hinges and Track Repairs

We are able to fix any malfunctioning or broken parts including door cables, rollers, hinges and track repairs and replacements. We are a one-stop shop, offering repairs of broken parts, replacements and complete new door installations of all major brands. Our technicians offer a quick diagnosis of any problem, with fast and effective repairs often performed on the spot. Fix It Right Garage Doors is your top expert in the area for the following and more:


Broken Cables: Cables are a part of your door’s pulley system, and are responsible for making the door move. Our repairmen repair and replace worn, frayed cables and replace them with galvanized steel, coated galvanized or steel strand wire cables.

Rollers: Broken or bent rollers are an obstacle, meaning they require replacement as quickly as possible for unimpeded, smooth operation of the garage door.

Hinges and Tracks: If broken, these portions of the door completely prevent the operation and function. Call us for immediate replacements. Fix It Right Garage Doors offers immediate repairs and emergency services on all major faults and problems, and guarantees fast service.

Garage Door Remote Repairs

We understand that continuously getting out of your car to open your garage door is not what you want to be doing, which is why we place such attention on the routine repairs of your garage door remote. We provide our customers with garage door remote repairs and replacement services all year round, for both residential and commercial garages, so that you have the extra time and flexibility that an automatic garage door offers. We stock and repair a variety of common garage door brands and types including Haas, Clopay, Genie, Wayne Dalton and LiftMaster. We offer replacements for remotes and all systems, to ensure our complete ability to provide you with efficient services and effective repairs.



Garage Door Section Repairs

Sectional garage doors are slowly becoming more popular in residential and commercial areas due to their availability and convenience. These doors are available in different makes and sizes, suitable for all properties. We replace sections and repair malfunctioning or failing garage doors that are experiencing problems such as rattling parts, cables, door opener malfunctions, hinge problems, moving or shaking sections and panel replacements. We can easily identify faults and diagnose problems, for quick and effective repairs of all common problems. Our skilled technicians have experience with all designs and materials of garage doors, having installed and worked with a variety of materials including steel, wood, aluminium, fibreglass, and glass. Call us today for fast garage door section repairs available throughout Toronto and the GTA!

Garage Door Sensor Repairs

Your garage door sensor is an essential component of the effective operation of your garage door opener and is a necessity for the safe operation of your door’s mechanisms. The sensor is responsible for the detection of any obstruction when you open or close the door, preventing injuries to you, your children and pets. For this reason, a malfunctioning sensor requires immediate replacement or repair by a skilled technician.

We advise you to replace a malfunctioning or broken sensor immediately, to avoid potential hazards to your health and safety. Fix It Right Garage Doors offers a quick and effective diagnosis of any problem and helps you find the best solution to your garage door problems. Ask our technicians about the variety of sensors on the market, and consider upgrades such as a monitoring sensor or safety sensor for increased security.



Garage Door Weather Stripping

To protect valuable assets such as your car, tools and supplies, your garage door should be weatherproofed. The compromised protection which is created by small gaps between your garage door and floor, sides and top jamb, can let moisture and cold air into your home, thereby increasing your utility bills and doing damage to the contents of your garage.

Fix It Right Garage Doors offers superior weather-stripping services, providing you with the best weather protection for your garage doors. To get the best value from your garage, consider weather stripping. Offering increased insulation, protection from pests and elements, and a barrier against dust and moisture, weather stripping is an excellent means of improving the quality of your garage door.

Panel Replacements

If one or more of your garage door panels is damaged, air and moisture will quickly invade the interior of your garage. It’s important to quickly replace these panels, as they are a significant problem for both the appearance of your garage and the functioning of your interior. If you’re unsure how your panels were damaged, you may want to consider an inspection of your garage door system, as this may indicate some flaws in the mechanics.

Fix It Right Garage Doors offers complete quick, immediate panel replacements for garage doors of all brands and makes. Call us today for an immediate diagnosis.



Bent Track Repairs

The tracks of your garage door are what allows it to open and close. If one of these tracks is bent or broken, it may impede the functioning of the door and prevent its opening and closing. Call a professional for a track repair or replacement, depending on the need. Fix It Right Garage Doors offers complete repair and replacement services, as well as quick and effective repairs of all major garage door problems.

Garage Door Parts and Accessories

Fix It Right Garage Doors carries parts and accessories for all your garage door and electric opener needs. We serve both residential and commercial spaces, and stock parts for commercial and residential applications, ensuring that all of our customers have access to quality parts and repair services within the Toronto area. Our trained technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in garage door repairs, offering repair services for all portions of the garage door and opener, and full installations of major door and opener brands such as LiftMaster, Clopay, Haas Door, Equal, Steel-Craft, Richards-Wilcox and more.

We source the most affordable, high-quality garage door parts for your benefit, and offer a full warranty alongside any repair or installation. View our large selection of replacement parts below.



All of our replacement parts are ready to be installed by a skilled technician. If you are confident you can handle the repairs on your own, we can also sell and ship replacement parts for DIY applications. Simply contact us and find the right parts for your repairs. We offer:

Safety Photo Eyes- All garage doors manufactured after the 90s have safety photo eyes. Makes include LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain and others.

Track Brackets- L-shaped brackets which secure the garage door track to the wall. They come in different sizes and lengths.

Flag Brackets- Support vertical and horizontal tracks, fasten them to the wall. Can be used in both residential and commercial garage doors. Various sizes.

Vertical Tracks- Garage door tracks come in 2-inch or 3-inch widths, and can be cut to size.

Horizontal Tracks- Garage door tracks come in 2-inch or 3-inch widths, and can be cut to size.

Cable Drums- Cable drums support the garage door lifting cables, and vary in size and length depending on the door size. They come in many different models.

Angle Iron Brackets– These brackets support the horizontal track from the ceiling and come in pre-punched 1.25″ X 1.25″ angle in 14GA or solid angle 1.5″ X 1.5″ X 1/8″. Priced per metre.

Torsion Springs- The garage door spring system which supports the door and prevents and sudden release. Available in sizes based on door size, weight and cable drum type.

Shafts- Tubular or solid shaft for the torsion spring counterbalance assembly. Sold based on door width and spring size.

Quick Disconnect Door Arm- The quick disconnect arm attaches the door to the automatic opener and allows for a quick disconnect in the event of power failure or the necessity for manual operation. Sold to match manufacturer of door and opener.

Graduated Hinges- Garage door hinges carry the rollers and hinge together door sections. Various types available for commercial and residential use.

Top Fixtures- Hold the top roller for the garage door and adjust the top section for a tight fit. Sold depending on door size and manufacturer specifications.

Bottom Fixtures- Also known as bottom corner brackets, these carry the bottom garage roller and provide a connection for lifting cables. Their sizes depend on the door lift, size and manufacturer.

Weatherstripping- Provides a seal between the garage door and the floor on the bottom, to prevent water and moisture from entering the garage interior. They are available for both wooden and steel garage doors, and are sold to size.

Centre Hinges- Hold the garage door section together. Available for commercial and residential doors.

Winding Cones- A winding cone plugs into the garage door torsion spring to offer added tension to the spring. They are sold in various sizes depending on spring size and are provided in pairs or stationary and winding.

Extension Springs- Available in various sizes and are sold depending on the garage door weight.

Rail Components- Assembly parts which include the T-rail, chain or belt, traveller’s assembly and a front idler bracket. Sold depending on manufacturer and model, and are generally not interchangeable.

Rollers- Essential to the upward and downward motion of the door. Rollers are available in 2 and 3-inch sizes and can be made of nylon, steel or plastic, and come with or without ball bearings.

Opener Parts-Parts for replacement within the opener mechanism such as worm gear gas assembly, drive belts, circuit boards, capacitors, light socket kits and more. Sold by manufacturer and model number. Not interchangeable.

Locks and handles- Locks are available in multiple styles and sizes. Lifting handles and step plates are available in steel or plastic.

Pulleys and sheaves- Used with garage doors that have extension springs. Available in 3,4 and 5inch diameters.

Cables: Lift garage doors. Heavy aircraft cables in various sizes, sold in sets depending on garage door size and can be cut to length as required.

Bearing Plates: Used to secure the counterbalance spring assembly to the door track and wall. For residential garage doors, there are generally 3 already included in the installation.

In addition to all these parts, we offer installations and repairs of virtually any issue. If you require a specific part, cannot find it on the above list, or need a specific installation, we are more than happy to talk to you whenever is convenient.

Fix It Right Garage Doors offers repairs and complete installations of various garage door models from brands such as Clopay, Wayne Dalton, Craftsman, Garaga, Stanley, Sears, Liftmaster, and Genie. We offer the best prices for garage door installation anywhere in Toronto. Serving the Greater Toronto Area, our company offers services throughout Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Scarborough, Hamilton, North York and further! We are always a mere phone call away, no matter where you are in the GTA. We guarantee a quick diagnosis of your garage door problems, and even quicker repair. Our complete satisfaction guarantee means we provide you with a full warranty on all parts and services, and guaranteed fixes of all your garage door problems and needs. The cost of a new garage door doesn’t have to be over your budget, call us today and find out more.

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