There are a wide variety of residential garage door types available on the market today. Nearly all garage doors and openers come with a standard automated operation, enhanced security features, automatic reverse and safety options such as code blocking, vacation disables and more. In terms of doors themselves, there are a number of doors to choose from. Some of the most popular are listed below.

Garage Doors Types

Types of Doors

Sectional or Roll-Up Doors

The most commonly found garage door in the United States and Canada, this door has several horizontal panels hinged together and fitted with rollers. The door’s assemble rides in two parallel tracks, and is counterbalanced with a heavy duty torsion spring wrapped around a torsion bar. This kind of door can be opened manually or opened using a motorized opener, which is either chain, belt, screw or direct driven. This kind of door is available with or without window, and have a variety of decorative styles and finishes available on the market. Owing to the versatility of the door, they can be painted or finished to resemble a number of others, while offering increased security and easy of opening.

Swing-Style Doors

These kinds of doors operate basically like a pair of large French doors, and are typically made of wood which hangs from jambs on hinges. These doors are stylistically strong and offer your home strong vertical lines and easier integration into the style of your home. In addition, they tend to be more energy-efficient than other kinds of doors, owing to their harder seals at the header and side jambs. Remember that if installing in a residential home or driveway, you’ll have to provide these doors with extra clearance. While swing-style doors can be automated, they are signifigantly more expensive to automate and most homeowners opt for manual opening.

Garage Door Materials

Like your entry door, the garage door can be made with a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, wood, composites, fiberglass or vinyl. Generally, people opt for the wood finish look in a variety of materials.

Steel Doors

The sturdiest of the doors, the best of these kinds are made with two layers of galvanized steel, which is them primed of painted with a topcoat or clad with a composite material. These doors are then painted to suit your home’s exterior. They can be purchased with and without insulation, depending on your needs. One of the major downsides to purchasing a steel door is that they can be dented easily and often corrode quickly in coastal areas.Steel Garage Doors

Wood Doors

Built with plies or layers, these doors are warp resistant and finished in cedar, redwood, fir and meranti. Among the most expensive garage doors, wood doors are also the most coveted. Wooden garage doors can be factory stained, painted or finished on site according to your specifications. Downsides to wood doors include a tendency to deteriorate over time, especially in damn or cold climates.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood Composite Doors

Wood composite doors are finished with high-density fiberboard and simulate real wood doors with realistic grooves, details and overlays. The composite cores are made with a wooden frame, covered with sheets of fiberboard and polystyrene insulation.

Fiberglass Doors

While fiberglass doors are not subject to denting or cracking, they can break on impact, making them only a viable option in homes which are not accident prone. Fiberglass garage doors are made suing two layers of fiberglass bonded to a steel frame, and filled with polyurethane insulation.



Vinyl Doors

Difficult to dent and break, and nearly impossible to rust or deteriorate, they are among the most durable and child-friendly garage doors. The vinyl overlay is built on steel frames, and filled with the same polyurethane insulation as fiberglass doors. These doors are generally available in less colours and finishes, but are among the most durable on the market.

Aluminum Frame Doors

Similarly, to the above, these doors are fitted with aluminum and are rust-resistant. Unfortunately, they are far easier to dent than steel doors.

Brands of Garage Doors

There are a number of garage doors available from popular brands. Some of the most commonly installed by Fix It Right Garage Doors Technicians include various models from brands such as: Clopay, Wayne Dalton, Craftsman, Garaga, Stanley, Sears, Liftmaster, and Genie. Take time to do your research, and choose a garage door which is right for your home. Our technicians can help match you to the best garage door for your home’s needs. Simply give us a call today and ask about garage door installation.

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