Trying to get your vehicle in or out of your garage only to find the garage door won’t open can cause a lot of unwanted stress. An automatic garage door weighs between 150 to over 400 pounds and is open and closed on average, 1,500 times annually. This wear-and-tear will eventually cause garage door problems when you try to open or close it. There are many reasons why your automatic door will not go up or down. Some garage door problems are easy to fix while others need a professional technician to fix. Learning how to trouble shoot your garage door issues will help you solve the problem quickly. Here are some of the most common reasons why your electronic garage door won’t open and how to fix them.

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Batteries Don’t Work

Although it’s not often thought about, your garage door remote needs working batteries to open and close the door. If you have multiple garage door remote openers, check them all individually to see which ones work and which remotes do not work. If your garage door opener is not opening or closing your garage door, try changing the batteries to see if that will solve your problem.

Also inspect the door opener attached to your wall and replace the batteries if they no longer work.

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Check for Power Disruptions

Automatic garage doors run on a motor to open and close the door. If there is a disruption between the power source and your automatic garage door motor, your electric garage door won’t open or close. Check to make sure the cord is plugged in and there are no breaks or damage to the wires or plugs. Check the outlet and breakers to make sure they are working. A tripped breaker will stop power from flowing to your outlet. Finally, check your area for potential power outages.

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Manual Locks are Activated

Automatic garage doors have manual locking systems that, when activated, prevent the door from opening or closing. The manual lock is an additional safety feature built-in to your electric door to protect you and your property. If the lock was activated, your garage door will stop working until you deactivate the lock.

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Dirty or Blocked Photo Eye

Issues with the photo eye is another common garage door problem. The photo eye is located near the bottom of both side of your garage door unit. It is a safety feature designed to detect when someone or something is in the entranceway so the garage door will not close and cause damage or injury.

Because the eye is so low to the ground, it is easily dirtied or damaged. If dirty, gently clean the glass covering with soap and water. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the glass. If the photo eye is permanently damaged, you will have to call an overhead garage door specialist to troubleshoot your garage door issues and replace to photo eye.

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Unseen Obstacles

Because the photo eye sensor is so low to the ground, it is easy for obstacles to get in its viewpoint and cause unwanted garage door problems. Look for dirt, debris, garbage, tools, or other common items like shovels, cords, brooms, or recreational equipment that could be triggering the photo eye to stop the garage door from closing fully.

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Remote Needs Reprogramming

Your automatic door opening is programmed to a transmitter. If the programming between the remote and transmitter is not set, your garage door will not open. To trouble shoot and reprogram your garage door remote, check your owner’s manual for instructions.

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Cables Off Track or Broken

Once you have checked for power shortages or obstacles as possible garage door problems, it is time to inspect the mechanical parts of your electronic garage door. Cables lift the door and glide it along the tracks for a smooth open and close motion. If the cables fall off the track or break, your garage door will not close or open. If your cables are the issue, contact us at Fix It Right Garage Doors to reinstall or replace your faulty parts.

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Garage Door is Off Tracks

Your electronic garage door moves up and down metal tracks. If it falls off the tracks, your garage door won’t open or close properly. Because automatic doors are so heavy, contact us at Fix It Right Garage Doors to realign your door on the tracks. We will inspect your tracks and hardware to make sure there is no damage to the tracks or debris blocking the door from moving up and down smoothly.

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Broken Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are big, highly tense, metal coils attached to the middle of your automatic garage door’s interior. The torsion spring supports the weight of the door when it goes up and down. If the torsion spring is damaged or broken, your garage door won’t close or open. If the torsion spring is the issue, contact us at Fix It Right Garage Doors. Trying to fix the coil yourself is dangerous and can result in severe injury.

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Motor Not Working

Your garage door is operated by a motor at the top of your electronic door system. It needs to be plugged into a 120 volt outlet to run. Issues with the motor can cause ongoing have garage door problems until it is diagnosed and repaired. If the motor’s issue is not caused by lack of power, then you will have to get the operator system inspected and repaired by a garage door specialist at Fix It Right Garage Doors.

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Garage door problems can cause unwanted stress to your daily routine. Many issues stopping your garage door from opening or closing can be fixed quickly. However, more complicated problems should be inspected by a professional garage door specialist. At Fix It Right Garage Doors, we have been providing superior service for years. We are the one of the most reputable companies in automatic garage door installation and service. Contact us today for all your electronic garage door service and repair needs.