There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home after a long day of work only to discover that your garage door won’t open. This can leave you struggling to figure out why the chamberlain garage door opener is not working? 

There are several reasons why your garage door opener may malfunction. It could be due to a mechanical issue, or it may be a simple solution like needing to change a battery. In this blog, we’ll review common chamberlain garage door troubleshooting hacks so you can keep your car safe and protected from the elements.

Not Connected to Power

If your garage door opener is not working properly, it may be due to a power supply issue. Check your chamberlain garage door openers manual to safely locate the power source. Check for any damage to wires or connectors which may affect the power. Check the circuit breaker to ensure there have been no breaker trips. If this is the cause, then return the breaker to the correct position and try to open the garage again. If this is not the reason,  then it may be time to call a professional.  

Manual Reset 

Another reason your chamberlain garage door opener will not close is that it needs a manual reset. Like any mechanical instrument, a garage door opener may require a reset if it has gone a long time without use or if the power source has been affected such as during an electrical storm. 

Dead Battery 

If your Chamberlain garage door opener will not close, it could be as simple as a dead battery. For new models, use a 3-volt lithium battery, available at most big box and hardware stores. Older models require a 12-volt battery. These cannot be interchanged and you should only ever use the manufacturer-recommended battery for your device. Once you’ve changed the battery, switch the lock button back on to ensure it’s properly installed.

Garage Door Opener is Stuck

If your garage door opener gets jammed or stuck when you try to open or close it, it could be a problem with the tracks or a loose bolt. Your garage door runs along a trolly which can become wedged against a bolt if the door is damaged or not aligned properly. It may open the only partway to the place where the jam is occurring. Pinpoint the location of the trolly and tighten the neighboring screw to allow it more space to move up and down. A hammer can also help dislodge a jammed bolt, which you can then slip back into the track and use a screwdriver to secure. Once this is done, test your garage door opener again. 

Replace Old Light Bulb

Garage door openers are not just convenient, but they also make it safer to move around your garage in the dark. Garage door openers have a light that helps guide you in and out of your garage safely. If this bulb burns out then you may not be able to see hazards around you. 

Change the bulb using a manufacturer’s recommended wattage. Using a bulb that is too strong may cause it to burn out prematurely. If the light is still not working then it may be an issue with the socket and could require replacement. 

Object Blocking Sensor

Your garage door relies on sensors to help protect your vehicle and others from being hit. If these sockets are blocked, your garage door opener may not function properly leaving you and others at risk of injury. 

Inspect your sensor to ensure there is no debris or obstruction around it. Keep the sensor area clear at all times so it can easily detect your garage door opener. If the sensor still doesn’t respond then check the battery in the garage door unit. If it still doesn’t work then consult this list for chamberlain garage door opener troubleshooting solutions. 

Faulty Door Control Wires 

If you have replaced the batteries in your unit and see no obstructions, it may be time to inspect the control wires. Over time, the wires may be damaged or become frayed if exposed to the elements. Your garage door technician will be able to quickly repair and replace wires. 

Logicboard Must be Replaced

If you have tried all these troubleshooting tips and your garage door is still not functioning correctly, it may be time to replace the logic board. If you unplug the garage door opener and do not hear a click when you replace the plug, then it’s time to replace your logic board. 

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