Garage Door Spring Repairs

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Is your garage door spring broken? This issue usually happens with no notice, and at the worst possible time, as it generally results in the complete inability to open your garage door. Here at Fix It Right Garage Doors, we offer door spring repairs in an efficient and timely manner. Fix It Right Garage Doors is a trusted, serious group of professionals offering effective, competitively priced repairs within Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We serve the entire GTA, from Mississauga, Oakville and Hamilton to Maple and Scarborough. Call us now for a quick diagnostic, and learn what repairs might benefit your garage door.

Spring Repairs

garage door spring repair by fix it right garage doors

Your garage door is often broken by a faulty spring. This common problem is one of the ones we see most often and is also relatively easy and quick to fix. Usually, a broken garage spring is the result of an incorrectly matched or installed spring, which breaks or snaps. Fix It Right Garage Doors is your number one spot for garage spring replacement. When installed correctly, a garage door extension spring should balance your door properly during opening and closing, making the door easy to lift by hand, and opening smoothly automatically. A torsion spring, on the other hand, allows your door to close silently and provides support during opening and closing. A broken torsion springwill generally not prevent your door from opening or closing but may result in further repairs as well as excess noise.

Spring Specifics

broken garage spring
Broken garage spring
Spring maintenance is required
Spring maintenance is required

If you have a double garage door, a spring failure will likely result in the need to replace both door springs, as the springs are calculated to do the same amounts of work. The second spring will need replacing so that your garage doors are balanced, and you will not need to call us for replacement of the second one days later.