Garage Door Spring Repairs

Is your garage door spring broken? This issue usually happens with no notice, and at the worst possible time, as it generally results in the complete inability to open your garage door. Here at Fix It Right Garage Doors, we offer door spring repairs in an efficient and timely manner.

Fix It Right Garage Doors is a trusted, serious group of professionals offering effective, competitively priced repairs within Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We serve the entire GTA, from Mississauga, Oakville and Hamilton to Maple and Scarborough. Call us now for a quick diagnostic, and learn what repairs might benefit your garage door.

Spring Repairs

Your garage door is often broken by a faulty spring. This common problem is one of the we see most often and is also relatively easy and quick to fix. Usually, a broken garage spring is the result of an incorrectly matched or installed spring, which breaks or snaps. Fix It Right Garage Doors is your number one spot for garage spring replacement. When installed correctly, a garage door extension spring should balance your door properly during opening and closing, making the door easy to lift by hand, and opening smoothly automatically. A torsion spring, on the other hand, allows your door to close silently and provides support during opening and closing. A broken torsion spring will generally not prevent your door from opening or closing but may result in further repairs as well as excess noise, therefore needs to be fixed when faulty.

How long do garage door springs last?

A garage door spring is designed to control the velocity and strength with which a garage door opens. A door operating with the right amount of tension should easily open and close at a steady speed. Garage door springs are meant to withstand repeated use as your garage door opens and closes. Most well-made garage door springs will last around 10 to 15 years depending on use. Homeowners should expect to get approximately 10,000 opening and closing cycles out of their garage door springs.

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Can I replace my garage door spring system myself?

Garage door springs control the ability to open the door at a safe speed. If the torsion spring is broken, it can cause the door to open or close too rapidly. This can result in a serious injury or death.

Garage door spring repair can be tricky. An installation error can cause injury or damage to your vehicle or garage. That’s why it is recommended to use a professional and knowledgeable garage door technician. They can ensure that the right replacement parts are being used and installed properly.

How do I prevent my springs from breaking?

As garage door springs age, they are more likely to break. Their most common causes of garage door spring breakage are wear and tear, breakdown of material causing rust, and improper maintenance.

  • Moderate Use – Is your garage door acting as your front door? Only use your garage door for your vehicle to reduce strain on the springs.
  • Lubrication – Keep your springs lubricated to avoid a build-up of rust.
  • Regular Maintenance – Have your garage door inspected regularly for signs of damage.

Early breakage can be prevented with simple garage door spring adjustments that ensure proper operation and long life.

Double Garage Doors Spring Repair

Double Garage Doors Spring Repair

If you have a double garage door, a spring failure will likely result in the need to replace both door springs, as the springs are calculated to do the same amounts of work. The second spring will need replacing so that your garage doors are balanced. Signs that may indicate that your double garage door spring has broken include:

  • A loud bang when opening the door.
  • The door no longer supports the weight on one side.
  • The door drops quickly on one side.
  • There are visibly loose cables.

It is never safe to continue to operate a double garage door when one of the springs is broken. This can lead to damage to your garage or serious injury.

Call Garage Doors Experts

Fix It Right Garage Doors are Toronto’s premier source for garage door spring repair and service. With more than 20 years of garage door repair and installation experience, we offer friendly and professional service, so you can feel confident your garage door is being repaired right.

When you call us, you are getting more than just garage door spring repair, you are getting our complete service guarantee including our fixed price guarantee, 5-year warranty on part and labour and free service call with any repair.

Contact us today for a free quote and let Fix It Garage Doors get your garage door operating the way it should.

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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open or Close?

There is many reasons why a garage door doesn’t open or close but here are the most common reasons:
1. There could be a power failure from the outlet.
2. There could be an issue with the garage door spring
3. There could be a broken spring
4. There could be a snapped cable
5. Garage door sensors are failing or misaligned

How Can I Tell if I Need To Replace My Garage Door Spring?

Most of the time you can see that the spring is split in 2 pieces.

How Can a Garage Door Be Fixed That Won’t Go Up?

Garage doors that don’t go up is a very common issue.
Usually it can be a power outage if the garage door opener is not opening or there can be a broken spring or snapped cables.
When the garage door is not opening because of these types of issues, it is recommended to call a professional technician.