Every homeowner with a garage appreciates the convenience of owning an automatic opener. It’s a standard feature for home garages. And in the world of garage door openers, LiftMaster is one of the most trusted names in the business due to its smart design and durable construction. 

But if you’re ever having problems with your LiftMaster garage door opener, there are several ways you can try to get it working again. The team at Fix It Right Garage Doors put together this handy LiftMaster Garage Door Opener troubleshooting guide for homeowners. 

Replace Batteries

If your Liftmaster Garage Door Opener isn’t working, it could be an issue as simple as replacing the batteries. If you’ve swapped out the old batteries for new ones and it’s still not working, check the metal contacts for rust. Use fine-grit sandpaper to buff away the rust, insert the new batteries and try again. 

Lubricate Door

Lubrication is important when it comes to garage door maintenance. Failing to regularly lubricate your garage door could lead your garage door’s parts to rust and seize up. If your garage door isn’t opening properly, lubricate the parts and try again. 

Unlock Doors

Sometimes the simplest answer may provide you with the right solution. If your garage door won’t open, be sure to check that it’s not manually locked. If it’s been locked, just unlock it and try the garage door again and it should operate normally. 

Plug-In Opener

You might be working on your garage door opener and then unplug it for safety. It’s possible that you might forget to plug it back in! This is an obvious reason why your garage door opener might not be working properly, but it’s an issue that has to be checked before proceeding with any other evaluation. 

Signal Issues 

Got signal issues? Any type of malfunction with your garage door opener’s signal system will prevent the garage door from opening and closing properly. There are several reasons why these signal issues are coming up for you. 

Blocked Garage Door Path 

Is your LiftMaster garage door not closing? If every time you go to close your garage door and it only goes down part-way before automatically reversing, something is blocking the path of the garage door. It’s a handy safety feature meant to save lives, but it also can be a source of frustration if something’s in the way. Make sure no items are sitting in the path of the signal system like a tool or piece of sports equipment. 

Blocked Photo-Eyes

Is the garage door malfunction still a mystery? If you don’t see anything blocking the path of the door, then there could be something blocking the photo-eyes. The photo-eyes are what survey the area for objects in the door’s path, sending a signal to the opener to immediately stop and reverse its course. In most cases, the photo-eyes may have become dirty from years of dirt, grime and winter salt. Simply wash them off with a cloth and try the garage door again. 

If you’re still having issues, another factor to consider is a misalignment of the sensors. To fix this issue, tie a piece of string from one sensor to the other and move the sensors up or down until they line up. 

Crossed Signals

Have you ever come home from a shopping trip only to see your garage door open, but you’re confident that you closed it? This could mean you’re crossing signals with another homeowner on the street. You might have garage door openers on the same frequency. Every garage door opener has a manual that explains how to change the frequency of your opener to avoid this from happening again. 

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If you take time for regular maintenance and care, your garage door opener should last a long time. And always remember, they are complex machines with advanced technology that sometimes need a helping hand from the homeowner to get it back on track. 

But if you’ve tried all of these tips and you still can’t figure out how to fix your garage door opener, call the professionals at Fix It Right Garage Doors. Our friendly team of staff can provide you with a quote and more information about our services. We offer a 5-Year Warranty on all parts and labor for your peace of mind. Need garage repairs in the GTA? Call Fix It Right Garage Doors today!