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Garage Door Keypad Repair In Toronto

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In today’s age, a lot of us rely on a remote to open our garage doors as opposed to a keypad. However, we often disregard the importance of having a keypad lock on your garage for added safety and efficiency. A code-operated keypad lock protects your valuables and prevents unwanted access to your garage. While it’s usually disregarded, this important piece of the garage door is a huge nuisance when broken. That’s why we’re here. 

Your garage keypad is equipped with integrated receiver logic boards that communicate with your keyless entry wirelessly. If your keypad isn’t working, neither will your remote. Therefore, to fix one, you will have to fix the other.

Garage Door Keypads Common Problems

Some of the most commonly encountered garage door keypad problems are the following:

Depleted Battery

If your battery is low, neither your keypad nor your remote will work. Before you attempt any other repairs, try to replace your battery in both the keypad and the remote. In one out of every few cases we receive, the problem was as simple as battery replacement!

Programming Issues

You may need to reset your keypad or change your keyless entry pin. In order to do this, we suggest referring to your manufacturer’s instruction booklets. Clear the memory of your opener and reprogram it, and remember to also sync your remote to the keyless entry.

Garage Door Keypads Common Problems
garage door keypad repair

Keypad Button Issues

If your keypad is otherwise functional but is simply not letting you in, it may be an issue with a button. This repair is slightly trickier and may require you to call a technician. Before you call, however, try to program a different pin using numbers not currently in use to determine if others are functional.

Surface Interference

With newly installed garage door keyless openers, the surface on which the number pad is mounted may be causing interference. Remove the panel from the surface and test your pin. If it works, you can insert rubber grommets or a piece of wood between the pad and the surface it is mounted on. If it is still not working, it may be an internal wiring issue that requires the attention of a professional.


Why Doesn’t My Garage Door Keypad Work?

This could be a result of many factors but the most common ones are:
1. Dead batteries – keypads run on batteries and have no indication when it is running low or needs to be changed.
2. Damaged wires – wires can be worn out as a result of different weather conditions, causing the connection between wires and keys to be interrupted
3. Stuck keys – dust and dirt can accumulate in between the keys. Clean the inside and outside of the keypad with a clean cloth, paying attention to the spaces in between the buttons.
4. Old keypad – keypads are located on the outside of the home and can be affected by different weather conditions throughout the years
5. Malfunctioning code – depending on the model, after batteries are replaced, the keypad may not recognize the code. To reprogram the code, press the learn button, leave it for a few seconds then input the new code. If this doesn’t work, check the manual instructions or call an expert.

Why Is My Keyless Entry Pad Not Working?

Garage door keypads can be affected by cold weather since it is located on the outside of the garage door. In some cases, the board can be defected and needs to be replaced.

Is It Possible To Fix the Remote or Keypad at Home?

Garage door remotes and keypad can be fixed unless the board inside is damaged.