Craftsman garage door openers are one of the best on the market. Exceptional technology and high-performing products are what have made Craftsman one of the most trusted brands.  But like many household appliances, they experience wear and tear that can affect performance. Most issues can be fixed with the help of a Craftsman garage door opener manual which is full of tips and suggestions to keep your unit working efficiently. The craftsman garage door sensor also provides alerts to potential issues which can help prevent damage and avoid injury.  Let’s review some Craftsman garage door opener remote troubleshooting solutions so you can quickly identify the problems and ensure your unit is operating the way it should. 

Garage Door Opener Not Working

If you find your Craftsman garage door opener not working, it could be due to issues with either the remote or the door controls.  Check Power Supply – Start by examining the socket. If there is the power to the opener but it’s still not opening, unplug the opener and try plugging in a different device. This will let you know if the problem is with the plug or the unit. 

Garage Door Won’t Close

If your craftsman garage door opener does not close and lights are flashing on the unit, there may be an issue with the safety sensor. Craftsman garage door openers have sensors that immediately pinpoint the source of any issues so you can make any necessary adjustments.  Look for Obstruction – check for any debris or other items that may be preventing the garage door from opening. If your sensor thinks there’s an object in the way, it will not close in an effort to protect you and your vehicle. 

Align Safety Sensors – the safety sensors on either side of your garage work as a team to detect your vehicle and any movement in your garage. Make sure they’re facing each other so they can get an accurate reading.  Check Safety Sensor’s Connection – check sensor cables for any damage or wear and tear. This can affect the performance of your garage door opener. 

Adjust Travel Limit – The travel limit determines how far your garage door opens, setting a minimum and maximum distance. If this isn’t working properly then your garage door may pause at a certain height thinking there is an obstacle. 

Garage Door Opens or Closes Halfway

When your garage door is only opening halfway, it could be due to a number of reasons. Here are some helpful tips.  Check for Binding of Garage Door – if the trim board is too close to the garage door, it can cause it to bind. A shim can help reduce the gap and allow the door to open more smoothly. You can also shave off any excess trim to make the movement of the door easier. 

Adjust Travel Limit – as noted earlier, reset your travel limit so that your garage door opens and closes at the distance points you prefer.   Adjust Force Settings – as your garage door ages, it may compromise the force settings. Increasing these settings will help maintain the power required to lift and lower your garage door.  Replace RPM Sensor – the RPM sensor monitors the speed of the garage door motor. Your garage door technician can calibrate these sensors to ensure that your unit is operating at a safe speed. 

Wall Control Not Working

The first sign of a problem with your Craftsman garage door wall control is the diagnostic light blinking three times. This is due to a short circuit in the wire connection of the wall control. 

Garage Door Opener Overheating

One of the most common causes of a Craftsman garage door opener not working is overheating. The source of this is usually the door motor or the mechanism. Check the diagnostic LED light. If it’s flashing five times or shows an error code, it’s time to inspect the motor. Disconnect the opener using the emergency cord and allow the garage door to open manually. Check for any debris or broken components and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible to prevent injury. 

Garage Door Opener Beeping 

When your Craftsman garage door opener is beeping, there’s nothing to be alarmed about. This is simply letting you know that the door is closing and warning others around your garage to stay clear. 

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