Garage Door Parts

Over considerable time, garage door gets worn out, its operations become unreliable and parts start falling apart. The previously faithful garage door opening process becomes slow. The onset of these issues indicates a need for sourcing garage door parts. We at Fix It Right Garage Door know that these parts are essential in maintaining smooth operation as well as elongating the lifespan of your garage door.


Our big stock of various garage door parts ensures you get everything that you need to restore functionality of your garage door. Our numerous branches are strategically located to serve the Greater Toronto areas. Furthermore, we have a dedicated hotline to attend to your urgent garage door parts replacement.

Common Garage Door Parts

There are many parts which can fail, causing the garage door to malfunction. Some of the common parts for the garage doors include the following:

  • Top Fixtures and Bottom Fixtures
  • Keypad Receiver and Accessories
  • Extension Springs
  • Roller and Track hinges
  • Steel Strand cables
  • Gears and Couplers
  • Pulley and Struts
  • Circuit Boards
  • Transmitter

What To Consider

When your garage door requires a replacement part, it is prudent to consult a well-known garage door repair firm. Our company can undertake site assessment to find out the reasons leading to parts malfunctions. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we provide a range of solutions that will eradicate the root cause of the defects. Collaborating with major manufacturers, we only install genuine parts that have been tried and tested over time. Further, we get the parts professionally installed, besides, providing the guarantee in case of any failure before the certain duration is reached.

Getting the Correct Parts

It is vital to pick the correct parts for the fault; otherwise, you may end up procuring a wrong part which will make a bad situation worse. For this purpose, we recommend that you consult garage door parts dealers stocking genuine garage door parts from great companies such as Fix It Right Garage Door. Our huge quantities of quality garage door parts from the major brands are designed to provide long and reliable service, enhancing the convenience and reliability of your treasured garage door.

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