The garage frequently has a prominent location on the exterior, making it as easy as possible for cars to access and exit. Despite the fact that the garage is often a utilitarian room, the garage door, due to its prominent location, has a significant part in defining the outer aspect of your home. If your garage door has seen better days after years of hard use—or if it was never very appealing, to begin with—replacing it provides you with a tremendous chance to remodel the exterior of your house and raise curb appeal while also benefiting from a number of performance improvements. The criteria below might assist you in narrowing your search to a door design that properly meets your needs and tastes.

Size, Styles & Types

Rusted garage doors can give a negative first-time impression for visiting guests. Not only can upgrading your garage door improve the appearance of your garage, but it will also improve the overall exterior appearance. Choose a garage door style that matches the rest of your home as there are many garage door types available. If you live in a modern house with clean lines, focus on basic garage door designs with minimal detailing, which will complement the architecture’s streamlined charm. A good choice will blend in with the surroundings with the right selection from the many styles of garage doors. There are plenty of alternatives available from garage door manufacturers, and if you have a certain idea in mind, you can even create a bespoke door to your exact requirements.


The material chosen to construct your door has a significant impact on how long it will last, how much it can withstand, and even how much yearly care it will require. Depending on your garage door sizes, wood garage doors are difficult to resist due to their beauty and workmanship. Wood garage doors require special maintenance, such as painting or staining once a year or every few years. When you realize how real wood adds to the overall attractiveness of your home, the work is well worth it. A fiberglass garage door has the elegance of a wood garage door without the care. Sturdy steel construction is paired with a natural-looking wood-grain fiberglass surface to create a door that looks like wood but won’t crack, warp, or decay. Only a clear coat is required every one to three years, depending on sun exposure.


Assuming the garage is often used as the principal entry for many houses. Consider installing an insulated garage door if you’re one of them. For one reason, insulation makes the garage more comfortable. According to research done by residential garage door maker Clopay, a well-insulated door may keep the garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer on a chilly day. But it’s not just about convenience. There are financial benefits as well, because the garage door, as the largest entrance in the house, can improve your living area overall efficiency. An improperly sealed or uninsulated garage door can make the living area’s systems work harder (and waste more energy) to maintain the desired temperature in a home with ventilated living rooms adjacent to or above the garage. An insulated garage door can assist in reducing monthly power expenses by reducing drafts and thermal energy transmission. However, the quality of the insulation has a big role. You can refer to the R-value of garage doors to understand their insulation capacity. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation performance.

Garage Door Opener Repair


Many individuals are surprised by the low cost of garage doors or even the cost to replace the garage door. The majority of people predict twice as much as the real price. So, how much should your garage door cost? Generally, the garage door should cost around 1% of the total value of your property. When deciding how much to spend, keep in mind that you won’t be making another purchase for many, many years, if ever. The garage door you choose may have a big influence on the rest of your house. Increasing the exterior aesthetic of your home can increase its resale value.

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Garage door insulation is an easy enough project for you to take on solo, but that isn’t necessarily the case for other garage-related issues. Given the cost and complexity of home garages, it’s important that you lean on expert support when things go awry. Fix It Right Garage Doors have been helping homeowners throughout the GTA with their garage-related issues for years, and our team of trained professionals is ready to tackle any trouble that comes your way. From current garage door repair to new garage door installation, know that we have the tools and expertise needed to get the job done. To learn more about our service, pricing, or process, contact our team today!