Fix It Right Garage Doors is the number one choice for garage door installation and repair in Aurora. With numerous garage doors to choose from for both commercial and residential applications, we offer our customers a collection like no other. Proudly providing Aurora overhead doors to our valued customers across the region.

Aurora Overhead Door Repair and Service

Our overhead doors are designed two provide durable garage doors for industrial properties, apartments and condos, parking garages and more.

Garage Door Installation Aurora

Sectional Steel Overhead Doors

These are an excellent choice for industrial property, warehouses and condos or apartments. The double-sided steel makes these garage doors durable and they come with the option of insulated or non-insulated steel doors. Their classic design is both functional and appealing. Additional selections include various window options to customize your overhead door, including numerous decorative hardware selections and colours to choose from. These doors are also weather and dent resistant.

Sectional Aluminum Overhead Doors

These are the perfect choice for auto centers, car washes and car dealerships. The overall design offers a sleek look, and you can select a standard frame or go with a heavy-duty frame with your choice of frame finish and door size. You can choose from single panes, insulated panes, tempered glass, plexiglass or polycarbonate. You can also get these doors in custom colours. These overhead doors have corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and a joint seal between sections of the overhead door that provide increased durability.

Garage Door Installation company Aurora

Rolling Steel Overhead Doors

These overhead doors are manufactured to facilitate installation in cases where the doors cannot be insulated due to insufficient headroom. These doors also provide excellent security and come with a number a few features that make them a great choice like:

  • Energy Efficiency – designed with an interlocking slat with insulation inserts make these doors perfect for energy efficiency. In addition to the slat design, the vinyl guide at the bottom of the door provides a solid seal that keeps air from escaping or seeping in.
  • Highly Durable – features like the durable structural angle guides and bottom bar can withstand great force. And in the event that they do get damaged, they can be easily repaired.
  • Versatility – there are many options – from doors that are motor-operated to those that use a chain hoist. These overhead doors come in numerous designs and colours to choose from.
Garage Door Repair Services Aurora

High Speed Overhead Doors

These garage door systems are excellent for parking garages for offices, condo and apartments, or public parking because they are low maintenance, and repair costs are also low. Because these garage doors are easy to repair, there is less downtime needed for repairs. Enjoy reduced noise and higher safety standards than other types of overhead doors.

Townhouse Garage Doors

Provide numerous options that can be customized to the specifications of each home. You can choose the type of garage door, insulation, size and colour. We also offer non-insulated steel options that have varying degrees of insulation.

Garage Door Emergency Repair Aurora

Garage Door Emergency Service and Repair in Aurora

Our priority at Fix It Right Garage Doors is to ensure that we deliver garage door repair expediently. That’s why we offer an emergency service so you never have to worry about calling at the right time. With us, there is no wrong time. It’s important to us that all of your garage door repair needs are resolved as quickly as possible with minimal inconvenience to you.

Trust Fix It Right Garage Doors for durable garage doors in Aurora. Give us a call today and we will be happy to assist you.