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Is your Liftmaster garage door opener not working? Liftmaster garage doors come with many advanced features to make their use as convenient as possible. They are designed to hold up well in any weather and operate smoothly. With features like remote control openers, smart phone and wall-mounted openers, there are a variety of ways to operate your garage door with ease. However, there may be times when you experience some trouble with your garage door.

Liftmaster offers a wide range of quality garage door products and accessories and provides plenty of support if you experience any problems with any one of their products. But there are a number of common problems you may be able to tackle on your own.

A general understanding of how a Liftmaster garage door opener works can help you identify problems and aid in Chamberlain/Liftmaster troubleshooting.

The door opener is either located on the ceiling of your garage or mounted on the wall. A pair of LED safety sensors are located on either side of the track, close to the floor. The sensors will prevent the door from closing if they detect something is blocking the path. A 16-gauge wire connects the sensors to the opener, which is powered by the electrical system in your home. If your door opener is not working, the first thing you should check is the power plug to ensure that it is plugged in all the way and transmitting power to the garage door opener. If it isn’t, check the main panel to see if the breaker has tripped.

Problems with The Liftmaster Safety Sensors

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Your Liftmaster garage door not working could be due to an issue with the sensors. As mentioned above, the sensors are there to prevent the door from closing if an object is in the path of the garage door. So if your garage door is closing partially and then opening again, or does not close at all, your safety sensors should be the first thing you check. There could be something blocking the beam between the two sensors. If there is nothing obvious in the way, the problem could be that the lenses on the sensors need to be cleaned.

Also check to see if there are any cobwebs on the door tracks as these may block the light. For the sensors to work, they need to be perfectly aligned. If they are slightly off, it will cause a problem and you will see a blinking light on one of them. Simply loosen one of the sensors and adjust its position until the light is no longer flickering.

A loose door track will affect the sensors and cause them to be misaligned. To fix this, use a wrench to tighten the bolts.

Garage Door Motor Repair

Liftmaster Close and Open Limits

You can use your garage door remote control to program and control the bulk of the motor functions including resetting the open and close limits if the garage door doesn’t close or open completely. This can also be done manually on most Liftmaster models. To do this, you will need to locate the limit dials that are on the motor housing. Then, to extend the close limit, turn the close limit dial counterclockwise and adjust the open limit dial clockwise in order to extend the open limit.

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Liftmaster Remote Won’t Work

When you install a new door opener, the remote will need to be programmed and will not work until this is done. Your owner’s manual should provide instructions on how to program your remote control. If your remote has been working for a while and stops working, the most common reason for this is dead batteries. Change the batteries and try again. If the remote still doesn’t work after changing the batteries, check if the lock switch is turned off if you have a wall-mounted model.

Liftmaster Error Codes

The latest Liftmaster garage door openers come equipped with a feature that will display an error code consisting of a series of flashing lights. The number of times the lights flash and direction of each flash determines what error is being detected. How to interpret the error code system is outlined in your manual so keeping it handy to troubleshoot error codes is important.

Below is a list of error codes for the Liftmaster 8550 garage door opener:

1 Flash1 FlashesGarage door opener is not closingSafety sensor wires may be faulty or sensors not installed or connectedCheck for disconnected wires sensor wires. If the amber LED that is connected to the sending sensor is not lit, inspect the wire and connections to the sensor. If the LED is lit on the sending sensor, the wire connections to the green receiving sensor should be checked. If disconnected or cut, reattach the wire or replace it.
1 Flash2 FlashesThe garage door opener will not close and the light(s) flashSafety sensor wire shorted or reversedCheck the wiring to ensure it is not pinched or incorrectly attached. If the amber LED is not lit on the sanding sensor, inspect the wiring leading to and from the sensor. If the sending sensor LED is lit, inspect the wiring leading to the green receiving LED. And reattach or replace as necessary.
1 Flash3 FlashesWall-mounted door control not functioningDoor control wires shorted or the door control is faultyCheck the wiring to the door control to see if there is a short, (staple in the wire). Replace it with a 22-gauge wire if necessary. Once new dog control wires are installed, if the door control still malfunctions, you will need to replace the door control.
1 Flash4 FlashesThe garage door will not close and light(s) are flashingSafety sensors are misaligned or obstructedCheck the green LED on the receiving sensor to make sure that it is not flickering. Flickering means that the safety sensor is misaligned. Check the area immediately surrounding the safety sensor to ensure that nothing is obstructing the sensors’ path and preventing the garage door from closing.
1 Flash5 FlashesThe garage door opener clicks in response to remote but does not more
The opener closes partially then stops and/or reverses
Travel module communication errorDisconnect the garage door opener from its power source, remove the cover and find the travel module. Inspect the wires to ensure that they are connected properly. If everything is connected correctly, you will need to replace the travel module.

If you have any questions about Liftmaster garage door opener troubleshooting, feel free to get in touch with us. A friendly member of our team will gladly assist you.