Reliable Garage Door Motor Repair

There are a number of issues with your garage door which might indicate faulty or broken motors. Fortunately, no matter what the problem is, Fix It Right Garage Doors offers effective garage door repairs in the Toronto area, so you can call us anytime for a number of repair services and fair prices. If you believe any of the following is wrong with your garage door, give us a call anytime. We are always happy to provide you with a free consultation. Book your garage door motor repair today!

Why Is My Garage Door Not Opening Completely?

The likely cause of incomplete opening is the up-limit switch. The switch is usually a touch-lever mounted near the end of the track close to the motor unit, and needs to be moved closer to the motor. The close-limit switch is a safety measure that keeps people from being hit and having the door close on them. Usually, a screw feature on the motor unit will have to be adjusted to determine how far the door descends.

Sometimes, your safety sensors might be the issue. If there is anything blocking the sightline, or the clear line of view near the bottom of the door track, or if the brackets are not aligned, the door may be prone to stopping or reversing. Ensure nothing is blocking the electronic sensors or that the brackets are not loosened and therefore unaligned when the door is closing or opening.

Why Is My Motor Not Running?

.A motor issue can be anything, from a broken part of the motor to an issue with your sensor. For any motor problems such as your motor not running, stopping suddenly, sputtering or shifting, contact us for a service call to effectively diagnose the problem. Fix It Right Garage Doors offers motor repairs at competitive prices, and a broad selection of motor replacements from companies such as LiftMaster, Clopay, Haas Door, Dodds and more.

Why Won’t My Motor Stop Running?

If your door opens but the motor doesn’t want to stop running, it’s also usually a problem with the up-limit switch. Generally, the switch needs to be moved away from the motor unit and will be noticed only when you first install the garage door. Contact us if the problem persists after you have adjusted the up-limit switch, as this may indicate more serious motor problems.

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Fix It Right Garage Doors is your number one choice for local, Toronto based garage door repair services at competitive prices. We offer comprehensive repair services throughout the Greater Toronto Area as far as Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, North York, Vaughan, Maple, Pickering and Scarborough. Our technicians are highly trained in all forms of mechanical repairs and will diagnose your technical problems immediately.

We aim to be transparent and honest in our practices, meaning that we will not mislead you about repair services and possibilities. Our company takes pride in our services, and we vow to never overcharge our customers for repairs. We offer guidance on simple problems and tasks, and aim to provide customers with the highest standards in garage door repairs available throughout the Mississauga, Toronto, North York and Oakville area. Our technicians are a mere phone call away at all times, ready for your call. Our complete satisfaction guarantee means we provide you with a full warranty on all parts and services and guaranteed fixes of all your garage door problems and needs. We also offer full installations of new garage door products, at competitive prices. The cost of a new garage door doesn’t have to be over your budget, call us today and find out more.

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