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Sensor Repairs In Greater Toronto Area

Garage door sensor  is an essential component for your garage door. Security and safety of a garage go hand in hand and the sensor assists in ensuring that your safety is maintained at the highest level. The sensor detects any obstruction when you open the door. By sending a signal to an adjacent sensor to move the door back, it prevents injuries and you, your children and pets can be safe. We can install the garage sensor, replace and repair it quickly because we know that it enhances security and safety in your garage.

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Replacing Defective Garage Door Sensor

Replacing and repairing a faulty door sensor is essential. You might sustain serious injuries or dent your vehicle when your garage door sensor becomes defective. We advise all garage owners to test the sensor on a regular basis to avoid incidents that might result in injuries. A faulty sensor can be dangerous and our technicians will detect the problem early enough before any damage occurs.

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Elements To Consider

There are various types of sensors, and each type is meant for a special purpose. When selecting a garage door sensor, you should choose the one that is perfect for your garage door. For instance, a monitoring sensor assists in closing a garage door after a period of time. Therefore, the sensor can lock the door when you forget to do it. There are a variety of other types such as pressure sensor, safety sensor and carbon dioxide which are meant for specific purposes.

An important consideration is where you get your garage door sensor replacement. Getting an established contractor with well trained and qualified technicians is the first step. At Fix It Right Garage Door, we stock some of the biggest brands of the garage door sensors. Our close proximity to your locations within the Greater Toronto area also makes our response quick. Besides, we are available round the clock through our hotlines. With wide experience in garage doors installation and repair, we will enhance your garage safety significantly.